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Insights  |  July 3, 2020

Enabling a Secure Remote Workforce

This post was originally published by Bil Harmer at SecureAuth.

During this challenging time the safety and security of our employees, customers, and communities is top of mind for all of us. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, many companies are actively pursuing solutions to support employees working remotely. We have created a complimentary offer to help your company through this difficult time. The disruption and change is posing challenges for associates as well as IT and business leaders.  In many cases, employee productivity has been impacted as a result of resource constraints due to a lack of access to data, applications, and services.  And for companies that had not planned for a time when ALL employees work remotely at the same time, the challenge is to quickly develop a solution and associated policies that gets employees back online and productive.

Addressing the Challenge

Many security professionals working with limited resources and some lacking the necessary skillsets to develop and implement a remote access solution. We have a plan to help guide your organization to quickly implement a solution to protect and secure your valuable assets and meet the needs of your business.

The SecureAuth Identity Platform is used by leading organizations to secure workforce and customer identities everywhere. With the SecureAuth Identity Platform organizations can:

  • Secure access for everyone and everything
  • Reduce the threat surface
  • Enable quick and simple user adoption
  • Deliver a frictionless user experience
  • Improve engagement and productivity
  • Secure and protect valuable resources

Utilizing a cloud deployment of the Identity Platform ensures your existing infrastructure is not impacted by capacity demands to support the solution.  You only incur cost for your users leveraging the platform and not the capacity. We proactively manage the infrastructure, support, and maintenance so your team can focus on your strategic initiatives. With a cloud deployment you get an always-on, flexible, cutting edge identity solution providing the security you need and the experience users expect.

Implementing a Solution

The Identity Platform provides the most flexible and adaptable identity and access management solution available to help prevent the misuse of credentials and eliminate identity-related breaches.  Our solution is especially well-suited to address complex use cases – as many organizations utilize a legacy system or application that requires a unique approach to ensure secure access.  Our flexible access management workflows combined with the most available multi-factor authentication options and adaptive authentication risk-checks ensures secure access for every use case and user identity.

Only SecureAuth delivers the level of flexibility your business requires to deliver secure access to protect your resources and enable positive user experience aligned to your business objectives.

Review our complimentary offer to help get your workforce safely and securely connected.

About the Author
Bil Harmer, CISO & Chief Evangelist, SecureAuth

Bil has been in the IT industry for 30 years. He has been at the forefront of the Internet since 1995 and his work in security began in 1998. He has led security for startups, Government and well established Financial Institutions. In 2007 he pioneered the use of the SAS70 coupled with ISO to create a trusted security audit methodology used by the SaaS industry until the introduction of the SOC2. He has presented on Security and Privacy in Canada, Europe and the US at conferences such as RSA, ISSA, GrrCon and the Cloud Security Alliance. He has been interviewed by and has written for various publications such as Dark Reading, Data Informed, The Belfast Telegraph and Security Intelligence. His vision and technical abilities have been used on advisory boards for Adallom, Trust Science, ShieldX, Resolve and Integris. He has served as Chief Security Officer for GoodData, VP Security & Global Privacy Officer for the Cloud Division of SAP, the Americas CISO for Zscaler and now serves as the Chief Evangelist and CISO for SecureAuth.

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