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Blog  |  July 11, 2022

Check out K1’s fresh new look! 

Notice anything different about us? K1’s got a bold new look as we continue to help build the Category Leaders of tomorrow.

As the next generation of Category Leaders, you need more than funding to scale your business. You need access to trustworthy resources and a network of peers to help you navigate this period of growth. 

Having just surpassed our 200th deal, K1 has a diverse community of founders and business leaders at your disposal. We recently reached 13,000 portfolio company employees, and we’re working with more active and committed investors than ever before. What’s more, our K1 Summits have hosted 1,000+ people and we’ve had 300 graduates from our Advanced Management Program, a year-long executive development course for leaders within the portfolio.

K1 is also now 17 recruiters strong. We’re helping our portfolio companies recruit the best possible talent — from frontline experts to top level executives and board members. We’ve hired over 250 people into our port cos in the last 12 months, and we’re planning to double that in the next 12. 

So, what does that mean for you as you scale your business? With K1, you have access not only to the flexible capital you need, but the industry experts experienced in solving the challenges associated with rapid growth. If Category Leadership is in the cards for you, K1 is ready to help you embark on this bold new journey. Send us a message here to learn more.