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News  |  April 6, 2021

Rethink Ed Introduces 15,000 New Ways to Help Students Learn

Rethink Ed signs a definitive agreement to acquire Vizzle®, expanding its best-in-class solution for students with special needs.

NEW YORKApril 5, 2021 — Rethink Ed, a division of Rethink First, announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Vizzle®, a K-12 web-based platform with ready-to-use lessons and activities that personalize to each student user while automatically collecting crucial student learning data. Hundreds of school districts rely on Rethink Ed’s CODiE award-winning social and emotional learning solution and special education content. With the addition of Vizzle’s curriculum to the Rethink Ed platform, the EdTech pioneer’s reach for special education has grown exponentially, providing much-needed instructional resources to support both academic requirements and supplemental instruction such as music and art.

The acquisition of Vizzle expands Rethink Ed’s comprehensive offerings of instructional supports, professional learning, behavior management, and progress monitoring. Vizzle’s library of visual and interactive learning resources and differentiated materials gives educators access to an easy-to-use, ready-to-use solution that not only helps students develop academically, but behaviorally, socially, emotionally, and in life skills as well.

“Whether you’re a school administrator, educator, parent, caregiver, or student, Rethink Ed now offers a full and comprehensive solution for all learners,” says Diana Frezza, Rethink Ed’s senior vice president. “With the addition of Vizzle, we will offer thousands of activities and lessons for students with special needs in ELA (English & language arts), math, social studies, science, and speech, as well as art, music, and other auxiliary subjects. Rethink Ed’s powerful platform is now bigger and better than ever.”

When it comes to modern-day learning, engagement is everything. Vizzle offers school districts and educators engaging tools to help students learn and make continuous progress on their IEPs. Educators can quickly modify and personalize activities to boost engagement and, ultimately, learning. The Vizzle platform allows students to have their own assigned activities, so they can interact with and practice what has been designed especially for them.

“We are beyond excited to have Vizzle as part of our holistic suite of tools and resources, we now have the most comprehensive special education suite available,” says Frezza. “Even better is that it will continue to grow as we add more content specific to special education and academics.”

Vizzle is available through Rethink Ed today and can be purchased in combination with their Special Education Success Solution, or separately. For more information about integrating the Vizzle platform into an existing Rethink Ed platform or solutions suite, or to request a demo, visit

About Rethink Ed  

Rethink Ed was founded on a simple, yet powerful idea: To literally re-think education. To make it better and easier. To unburden school districts and empower educators. To improve outcomes and elevate accountability. To promote collaboration and inspire learning. And, most importantly, to make a difference in the school day for everyone – administrators, educators, and students.

As a division of Rethink First, an award-winning technology developer of cloud-based tools, training, and supports, Rethink Ed is pioneering EdTech. We are relentless in pursuing innovative ways to put evidence-based, data-informed, digitally delivered instruction and assessments into the hands of educators, clinicians, and parents who share our single-minded focus: To help all children succeed.