Checkmarx is a leading provider of mission critical static application security testing (“SAST“) solutions that scan an application’s source code for security vulnerabilities and store the results for future comparison. The company’s key strengths include its scanning accuracy, speed and ability to scan uncompiled code. The company has an exclusive relationship with Salesforce to scan […]


Clarizen is a leading provider of mission critical collaborative work management software for project and portfolio management. Clarizen’s product suite allows enterprise teams to better collaborate, manage workflows and maximize project outcomes. Its software connects and engages workforces with easy-to-configure customization and in-context collaboration and helps to minimize project risk and automate administrative tasks. Additionally, […]


Pentera is the market leader within Automated Security Validation (ASV). The platform provides security teams both internal and external automated penetration testing allowing them to 1) scan and discover security gaps before they are exploited, 2) identify true risk by testing against the latest adversary threats and 3) remediate those security gaps based on the […]


accessiBe, a groundbreaking company offering the first affordable solution whereby companies can seamlessly transition to ADA and WCAG compliance. Without interfering with a website’s source code, the AI-based system makes automatic screen-reader adjustments, adapting in real-time to the unique requirements of various web users with disabilities, and continuously self-scans for maintenance issues. While accessiBe is […]


Atera, based in Tel-Aviv, is the world’s first all-in-one platform that combines remote monitoring and management (“RMM“) with helpdesk, reporting, and operations management in a single intuitive system. Atera’s remote-first IT management platform enables managed service providers (“MSPs“) and IT professionals with proactive, predictive insights which identify and remedy problems within an organization before they […]


ControlUp is a real time VDI and server virtualization monitoring platform which provides a single pane of glass for IT Ops users to quickly identify, remediate and troubleshoot issues in hybrid cloud and multi instance datacenters. Its flagship product monitors the entire virtual environment across multiple vendors (hypervisors, servers, desktops, etc.) from a real-time dashboard. […]


Graduway, based in London, United Kingdom, is the market leader in alumni relationship and fundraising management software..  Graduway has over 1,400 higher education institutions, K-12 schools and non-profit customers. With alumni engagement, career mentoring, fundraising and giving day functionality, Graduway has been entrusted by institutions including Oxford, UCLA and Colombia University to drive event awareness […]



Gravyty is a Boston-based fundraising outreach optimization platform sold to higher education institutions, non-profits and health systems. . Gravyty increases the quantity and quality of outreach to potential donors by assisting the fundraiser to create a tailored communication style based on the prospect’s individual characteristics. Gravyty’s platform includes functionality in predictive email drafting, outreach planning, trip […]


Ironscales is a leading provider of anti-phishing software focusing on integrated cloud email security. The company’s self-learning, AI driven platform continually detects and remediates advanced threats such as BEC, credential harvesting, account takeover and more. The solution seamlessly integrates with existing communication and security software including O365, GoogleSuite, Slack, Splunk, Okta etc. Ironscales has over […]