Vestorly is a technology company whose award-winning AI-driven Content Management Engine (CME) unleashes the power of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to leverage content across different business activities


Emburse Tallie provides expense management solutions for small organizations and their accountants.



Roadmap is a well-designed, more compliant, truly traveler-centric support system that leads to higher value for travelers and travel managers, powered by a digital travel assistant.

Rivet Software

Rivet Software provides financial reporting systems that help companies create and consume financial data.

Platinum Advisor Strategies

Platinum Advisor is a marketing and management company. It helps its users attract and retain high net-worth clients. It offers services such as video production, graphic design, client communications, online presence, book publishing, practice management, branded gifts, marketing, and training and accountability.


Option Admin, Inc. is a software and service firm specializing in equity compensation and accounting for private companies.


nuTravel builds custom and integrated airline booking, loyalty management, and e-commerce platforms.


Nexonia’s simple-to-use expense, time, travel and other business financial management applications are fully integrated with ERPs, credit cards, and other systems supporting a variety of organizations. Nexonia’s solutions are designed to streamline the reporting and approval process, improve human resource management, and enhance operational efficiency.



MarketingPro, Inc., an FMG Suite company, is the leader in marketing automation for Financial Professionals, providing solutions that save time and increase client satisfaction.


ExpenseWatch offers best-of-breed modules for expense reports, purchasing, and payable invoices, enabling organizations to gain complete visibility into their spending.


Data Visualization Intelligence (DVI) utilizes advanced data science techniques to purify disparate travel data into impactful visualizations, which expedite the analysis of total travel spend and provide a higher level of insight into programs.


DisclosureNet provides cloud-based and in-house enterprise disclosure management solutions and services that help improve efficiency, accuracy, control, and reduce risk in internal and external reporting.

Chrome River

Chrome River, rated as a Leader in expense management and accounts payable automation by analyst firm IDC, provides innovative, user-friendly solutions for global enterprises, including Grant Thornton, Harman, Masco, and Toyota.


Cognos products offer on premise and cloud platforms for multi-author reports to financial and disclosure reporting teams in North America, APAC and Europe, which gives organizations advanced capabilities to handle regulatory requirements involving US GAAP and XBRL, IFRS and European Banking Authority and insurance industry frameworks.


Certify is the leading online spend management solution for companies of all sizes. Organizations worldwide book travel, complete expense reports, and digitize the procure-to-pay process quickly and easily using Certify cloud and mobile applications.


Captio is a business and travel expense management application that enables companies and their employees to improve the control of their expenses and discovery of new savings opportunities.


The CapControls platform provides shareholder data management tools to help private companies improve their understanding and management of capital structures and shareholder records.

Auric Systems International

Auric Systems International, a trusted leader in PCI compliant solutions, has helped businesses protect millions of transactions and billions of dollars since 1994.

Agency Revolution

Agency Revolution has delivered training and technology to independent insurance agencies and brokerages for over 20 years. They believe the independent agent-broker system is the best way to protect the consumer. Their tools are designed to help you earn the trust of your marketplace and customer base and make it easier for you to protect […]

Advisors Assistant

Advisors Assistant

Advisors Assistant is a contact management, CRM, portfolio management and insurance tracking application designed to allow registered representatives, insurance agents, and financial planners to track clients, prospects, and financial products.

Advisor Launchpad

Advisor Launchpad offers stellar and mobile responsive websites for financial advisors, wealth managers and investment advisors.


Abacus, the #1 expense reporting software for high-growth companies listed on G2, is the only truly real-time expense reporting solution on the market. It is the easiest way for a company to reimburse its teams, implement their expense policy, and reconcile corporate credit cards throughout the month.

FMG Suite

FMG Suite provides software that optimizes email campaigns, website design and social integration for financial professionals. Its product suite includes tools for building and maintaining email campaigns, social media, presentations and mobile apps and helps its customers build a professional digital presence for their businesses by generating interest and driving web traffic.


Certent provides mission critical software solutions that handle accounting, tax, administration, participant services and compliance for employee stock options plans. The company’s modules address regulatory requirements including FAS 123R, IFRS 2, performance awards, material modifications and workstream process automation.



TokenEx is an enterprise-class tokenization platform that offers virtually unlimited flexibility in how customers can access, store, and secure data. TokenEx extends flexibility by working with multiple data acceptance channels and by maintaining a processor-agnostic approach. Moreover, TokenEx is able to tokenize and secure almost any data type your company works with, including PCI, PII, […]


Eltropy, is a category leading digital communication platform to the financial services market. The company enables financial institutions (Credit Unions, Banks, etc.) to communicate with customers and automate key business processes across underwriting, collections, marketing, customer support and business development. Eltropy’s messaging and workflow platform has driven proven operational efficiency results, such as reducing document […]


Irwin provides investor relations software to public companies, investor relation consultancies, and investment banks. Their category leading product suite helps customers identify new investors, manage current relationships, and track the output of their IR initiatives. The company’s end-to-end platform includes a CRM and native communications tool. Irwin currently services over 300 customers across North America, […]



Gravyty is a Boston-based fundraising outreach optimization platform sold to higher education institutions, non-profits and health systems. . Gravyty increases the quantity and quality of outreach to potential donors by assisting the fundraiser to create a tailored communication style based on the prospect’s individual characteristics. Gravyty’s platform includes functionality in predictive email drafting, outreach planning, trip […]

Emburse (Nexonia)

Emburse is the largest global independent provider of travel, expense, and payment solutions, including leading SaaS platforms such as Abacus, Captio, Certify, Chrome River, Nexonia, SpringAhead, Tallie and Cards by Emburse. The company provides a growing portfolio of innovative expense and AP automation solutions that eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks for business travelers, finance professionals, and […]