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News  |  November 8, 2022

Gravyty acquires Fabrik to enhance alumni engagement market leadership in UK

Gravyty, the leading provider of purpose-driven technology, announces acquisition of Fabrik, expanding Graduway from Gravyty customer base

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 8 NOVEMBER, 2022—Gravyty expands its market leadership in the UK through the acquisition of Fabrik, a technology that enables schools, colleges and universities to engage alumni, support mentoring and enhance fundraising. This acquisition supports the evolution of the Graduway from Gravyty solution, a branded and exclusive platform that allows institutions to engage with their alumni anywhere, at any time. 

Integrating Fabrik and their clients into their Graduway solution is a significant step in providing transformative technology that empowers organizations to leverage the power of their network and increase growth strategies.

“This acquisition is an important part of our Engagement + Fundraising Suite’s strategy” said president Sevonne Eliyahu.  “Your network and connections are the people most likely to support you—tapping into and nurturing that community is a massive opportunity. We want to amplify that opportunity while also making it smarter with AI, automation and integrations.” 

Will Fairbairn, Sebastian Manhart, Ivan Pirlik, founders of Fabrik said: 

“Fabrik chose Graduway as our preferred acquisition partner, being the market leader who had the best product and customer focus to create an exceptional experience for our clients.” 

Fabrik is trusted by some of the oldest higher education institutions in the world to drive online alumni engagement.

Together, Gravyty and Fabrik empower alumni communities of 3,000+ schools, colleges, nonprofits and healthcare organizations globally. 

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