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News  |  October 30, 2020

Granicus Acquires Calytera; Expands Digital Services For Government Agencies

DENVER — Granicus, the leading provider of cloud-based citizen engagement technologies and services, today announced the acquisition of Calytera from BuildGroup. Calytera’s extensive experience delivering global permitting, compliance and licensing (PCL) automation, best practices and workflows will significantly expand Granicus’ digital service capabilities for the public sector.

Hundreds of government agencies across the US, Canada, UK and Australia have trusted Calytera’s industry-leading platform, Amanda, to automate a vast array of services and business processes. Combining Calytera’s deep experience processing millions of digital PCL and freedom of information (FOI) transactions with Granicus’ scale and leading Citizen Engagement Platform, the acquisition will accelerate the companies’ shared mission to help governments become more responsive, efficient, and connected through better technology.

“This year, we’ve witnessed first-hand how digitization enables agile, resilient public sector organizations to address some of our nation’s most pressing challenges,” said Mark Hynes, CEO of Granicus. “As the role of governments as digital service providers continues to evolve, it’s become essential that they leverage flexible platforms that allow for the creation and delivery of services for rapidly changing needs. With Calytera’s unmatched PCL and FOI expertise, we will accelerate the digitization of government processes to help agencies continuously deliver and modify services that meet the dynamic needs of their communities.”

Recent crises have fundamentally changed expectations for the public sector. A recent survey found that 82% of government officials believe their organizations need to become more technologically advanced, and 61% believe that COVID-19 has served as a catalyst for digital transformation within their organizations. Governments are now expected to be online, mobile-accessible and delivering digital options that enable access to vital services, keeping their staff and communities safe.

“The companies’ visions are incredibly well aligned. Granicus’ scale and strengths in citizen experience and engagement are a strong force multiplier to Calytera’s deep experience developing sophisticated PCL applications,” added Hynes. “Together we will rapidly modernize the way governments build services and make them digitally available to their citizens.”

Granicus and Calytera work across all levels of central and local government; specifically, Calytera provides PCL and FOI services for several hundred customers including Fresno County, CA; Vancouver, BC; the Government of Canada; and Austin, TX.

Today’s news follows a series of recent acquisitions by Granicus that have resulted in the formation of the public sector’s first fully integrated SaaS / Cloud platform designed to rapidly modernize government services for improved efficiency and to connect them to citizens and residents leveraging integrated communications and a unified digital experience, consistent with modern digital service providers.

Most recently, in November 2019, Granicus acquired Host Compliance, the premier short-term rental compliance SaaS provider. Earlier that year, Granicus acquired Firmstep, the global leader in citizen digital self-service and public sector CRM. To learn more about Calytera, see here. For more information about Granicus, visit

Vaquero served as financial adviser to Calytera on the transaction.

About Granicus

Granicus connects governments with the people they serve by providing the first and only civic engagement platform for the public sector. Over 4,500 federal, state and local government agencies and more than 220 million citizen subscribers power an unmatched Subscriber Network that turns government missions into quantifiable results. With comprehensive cloud-based solutions for communications, government website design, online service delivery, meeting and agenda management software, and records management, Granicus empowers stronger relationships between government and citizens. For more information, visit

About Calytera

Calytera helps governments build safe and prosperous communities. The company is a recognized leader with 30 years of experience committed to a mission to build the world’s best government technology software. Calytera works with hundreds of government agencies to help them digitize and automate critical functions, optimize their mobile workforce and deliver modern services to citizens. The company’s powerful, flexible, and scalable enterprise platform Amanda helps governments manage more than 50 types of regulatory functions. Governments can also turn to Amanda to more efficiently manage and respond to Freedom of Information requests while protecting privacy and the security of sensitive data. Calytera also makes software that helps higher education institutions, courts and justice operations, and organizations that distribute and manage grants. Calytera is a Government Technology GovTech100 company. Learn more at