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News  |  August 18, 2017

FMG Suite Expands into Insurance Vertical with Purchase of Agency Revolution

FMG Suite, the leading marketing software solution for financial advisors, announces the recent acquisition of Agency Revolution, the company responsible for Connect, the premier automated client communication software for insurance agents and brokers. By combining resources, FMG Suite and Agency Revolution will now be the leading software solution for automated marketing in two service verticals.

Agency Revolution will remain in Bend, Oregon, where the company was started almost 20 years ago. FMG Suite now has offices in San Diego, Bend, Salt Lake City, Duluth, and Pismo Beach.

“The Agency Revolution team has not only created a great product but has also fostered incredible client relationships by helping their users dramatically increase retention with consistent automated communications,” said Scott White, President of FMG Suite.

The acquisition has given Agency Revolution access to FMG Suite’s horsepower and resources.  Agency Revolution’s customers will see the impact of this acquisition in faster systems and more robust product offerings.

“Financial advisors and insurance agents are two groups of service professionals who desperately need to maintain a digital presence with prospects and clients, but they are often too busy to do it consistently. Automated software like FMG Suite and Agency Revolution not only help them attract and retain clients but save them time as well,” said Rick Fox, President of Agency Revolution. “The two companies have been achieving similar results in two verticals. It makes a lot of sense to bring them together.”

About FMG Suite

FMG Suite was founded in 2011 by Craig Faulkner and is the industry’s leading automated marketing platform for financial professionals. FMG Suite provides an all-in-one integrated suite of marketing tools built to help financial advisors succeed. Using one streamlined platform, this helps clients build an online presence, nourish client relationships, and drive new business.

About Agency Revolution

Agency Revolution, founded by Michael Jans, has been an insurance industry specific company since its inception, nearly 20 years ago.  AR offers a marketing platform to help Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers AUTOMATE their processes, ENGAGE their customers to build deeper, more meaningful relationships, and GROW their agencies and brokerages.