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News  |  June 20, 2023

Cyara Acquires CentraCX Adding Voice of the Customer (VOC) to Customer Experience Transformation Solutions

Strategic acquisition delivers insights from customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction, agent engagement and brand reputation

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—June 20, 2023—Cyara, the leading AI-led Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Platform provider, today announced its acquisition of CentraCX, a comprehensive SaaS-based Voice of the Customer (VOC) solution, designed specifically for the contact center. This acquisition adds advanced VOC and customer feedback capabilities to Cyara’s portfolio of products, solidifying the company’s unique position in the CX Transformation market as the first to offer this combination of CX assurance and customer feedback.

The acquisition of CentraCX complements Cyara’s existing capabilities, bringing valuable insights that inform companies on how to design CX strategies that truly resonate with their target customers. By combining Cyara’s expertise in CX assurance with CentraCX’s ability to inform CX design with real customer feedback, organizations can continuously transform their CX initiatives and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“Today, with rapidly changing technology and ever increasing customer expectations, delivering a great CX means continuously transforming. This requires the ability to both design a great CX and to deliver it with speed and quality,” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO and Co-founder of Cyara. “With the acquisition of CentraCX, we are uniquely able to offer an AI-enabled CX transformation platform that informs CX design with customer insights and feedback and enables delivery of those designs with speed and quality through automated testing and monitoring.” 

CentraCX is designed specifically for the needs of enterprise contact centers, and is integrated with Genesys Cloud CX. It is able to analyze feedback along different organizational lines, allowing for tailored results that cater to different types and levels of stakeholders and empowering frontline managers to use the data to effectively manage their teams. CentraCX can capture and collect data from different channels for analysis and insights, including voice, SMS, web and email. Unique to CentraCX is Tribal Analytics, a technology enabled process that puts customer opinion at the center of business decision making and continual improvement. Tribal Analytics marries customer feedback with the agent perspective, thereby creating a closed loop feedback system that delivers an end-to-end process for driving real change. Going beyond simply identifying actionable insights, Tribal Analytics delivers a framework to support a comprehensive continual improvement program.

Cyara’s latest acquisition is part of an innovation strategy to enable organizations to continuously transform and improve their CX by leveraging insights, automation and AI. With this acquisition, Cyara now offers unmatched expertise and capabilities to drive improvements in an organization’s CX: 

  • Optimize journeys: Gain valuable insights on how to improve CX design by leveraging customer feedback.
  • Continuous CX transformation: Drive ongoing CX improvements with speed and quality by automating testing within an Agile/DevOps framework.
  • Enhance chatbots and conversational AI systems: Access our large-language model (LLM) for accelerated training and leverage AI-based automated testing, including natural language processing performance.
  • Ensure robust contact center performance: Assure that contact center platforms can handle high-stress situations and enable customers to reach you globally. Additionally, AI-based insights on performance can be provided.
  • Monitor remote and at-home agents: Monitor network data to ensure that ISP, home network, and system configurations meet the standards for delivering an excellent CX.
  • Seamless communication across channels: Assure reliable and efficient communication across all channels, including voice, digital, SMS, AI chatbots, video, and WebRTC.

Cyara is available now on Genesys AppFoundry. To learn more about this strategic acquisition, visit  

About Cyara

Cyara revolutionizes the way businesses transform and optimize their customer experiences. Cyara’s AI-based CX Transformation Platform empowers enterprises to deliver flawless interactions across voice, video, digital, and chatbot experiences. With Cyara, businesses improve customer journeys through continuous innovation while reducing cost and minimizing risk. With a 96% customer retention rate and world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS), today’s leading global brands trust Cyara every day to deliver customer smiles at scale.