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News  |  December 9, 2020

ControlUp Acquires Avacee

Expands industry leading Digital Experience Monitoring and Optimization solution to physical endpoints to provide next-generation user experience and device management

SAN JOSE, Calif.Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ControlUp, the industry-leading, self-healing Digital Experience Monitoring and Optimization platform that enables organizations to enhance their employees’ user experience and proactively solve problems, today announced that it has acquired Avacee, a cloud-first, scalable platform for managing systems and devices everywhere. The combined platform will enable enterprise IT to identify performance issues, analyze their root causes, and automatically deploy fixes before employee productivity is negatively impacted. The acquisition follows ControlUp’s recent $27M Series C funding round.

ControlUp’s unique, self-healing technology predicts and remediates performance issues automatically for thousands of organizations across the globe, saving them time, money, and precious human resources while ensuring business continuity. The Avacee Systems Intelligence Platform enhances this technology by making it possible to manage physical endpoints—located anywhere—without requiring VPNs or cloud gateways.

“Companies can’t risk a decrease in employee productivity due to poor network performance while their teams are connecting remotely,” said Asaf Ganot, founder and CEO of ControlUp. “The combination of ControlUp and Avacee technologies creates a powerful integrated solution that will provide high availability, reliability, and performance to improve employee collaboration and support the ‘new normal’ of remote working. We are excited to welcome the Avacee team to the ControlUp family and establish our new R&D center in the U.S.”

More than ever, remote performance monitoring is critical, as the workplace is increasingly distributed between home, office, and satellite offices. About 3.4% of the U.S. workforce—or 4.7 million people—were working remotely before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gartner now reports that, going forward, as much as 82% of business organizations plan to allow employees to work remotely at least some of the time, with a full 47% saying work-from-home will be their model permanently.

With this new world of working, it’s imperative that businesses can continue to operate optimally. This means having systems in place that keep employees happy and productive, ensure help desk crews aren’t overtaxed, and keep operational costs low. The ControlUp-Avacee pairing offers a best-in-class solution for managing everything from cloud desktops, virtual desktops to physical endpoints, and delivers all of this for the enterprise.

“We launched Avacee to create an open, systems intelligence platform that could consume massive amounts of data and provide the ability to analyze and understand any environment. We took into account our years of experience seeing thousands of different environments and created the technology that we would want to use. With the foundations established, we can now layer on everything from flexible data capture and reporting to machine learning, bringing previously unavailable capabilities to enterprise IT,” said Jon Rolls, CEO and Co-Founder, Avacee. “With the Avacee platform extending ControlUp to the physical world—not just within the enterprise, but beyond the corporate perimeter—we now bring a unique offering that is unmatched.”

“ControlUp and Avacee share a vision to prevent problems before they even occur,” said Jon Wallace, CTO and Co-Founder at Avacee. “Our combined technologies create a platform that enables IT teams to have a panoramic view of their environments and the factors that affect their performance-enabling IT infrastructure to keep running smoothly.”

Both Rolls and Wallace will be joining the ControlUp team immediately. Rolls will serve as General Manager, Physical Endpoint Products and Wallace will serve as Senior Architect, Physical Endpoint Products.

About ControlUp
ControlUp enables ITOps teams to monitor, analyze and directly remediate problems in their on-premises, hybrid cloud, and cloud infrastructure in real-time, using a powerful yet easy-to-use ITOps analytics and management platform. ControlUp remediation also allows ITOps to proactively automate fixes for a rapidly growing set of use cases. ControlUp analytics harnesses anonymous operational metadata from thousands of organizations to help ITOps make informative, data-driven decisions. ControlUp is headquartered in Silicon Valley with R&D in Israel and is backed by JVP and K1 Investment Management. For more information, visit us at

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